Greetings fellow hobbyists

Be it miniature armies, tabletop battlefields or even your own custom printing project, we’ve got you covered! 

We offer premium 10mm scale miniatures and custom 3D printing, created with Australian made Monocure 3D resin.


Who We Are

Adrah Labs is run by husband and wife team Adam and Sarah. We are hobbyists and wargamers just like you. We are passionate about miniature wargaming and painting, and we are excited 3D prinitng technology can bring to the hobby.

We only use quality, Australian made resin from Monocure 3D, so you can be sure your prints will come out looking amazing.

Our mission is to make 3D printing more accessible to hobbyists and tabletop gamers alike, and to help foster a community of creativity and innovation.

To learn more about Adrah Labs click the link below.


We offer a custom 3D printing service. Whether you have an STL you would like printed, a custom list of hex tiles from Hexton Hills or a Warmaster army list, we can help! Check out the gallery below for some of our work.

Brands We Print