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Make Minis Not War

Make Minis Not War

Greetings fellow hobbyists, on what is an unusual time for our global community. A Russian invasion is happening in Ukraine at the moment, and a lot of innocent people are being displaced and killed in the defence of their country.

I was moved by the efforts of a talented creator known as Reptilian Overlord, who designed a combat pose of president Zelenskyy as a digital sculpt, inviting printing enthusiasts to buy the .stl files with all proceeds supporting Ukrainian civilians via the Red Cross. I reached out to see if we could extend the reach of their charity efforts through the supply of printed versions of their miniature sculpt, and they were happy to work with us.

I have since discussed the project with our resin supplier Monocure 3D, and our talented painting friend Arcane Paintworks, and we now have a fully realised charity project in the works, whereby we will be selling prints of the "Commander Ze" sculpt in two sizes, plus coordinating the charity auction of a beautifully painted 70mm scale print. All proceeds will go towards the Red Cross, as per the initiative started by Reptilian Overlords.

I hope we can make a meaningful contribution to the wellbeing of the Ukrainian people through these efforts, and invite you to be a part of our project through either the purchase of a miniature, or participation in the charity auction. You can also purchase the digital file from Reptilian Overlords, or donate directly to the Red Cross. War sucks, and we are driven to help out in our own way, from our remote corner of the globe.

Be kind to each other fellow miniature enthusiasts, wherever you call home.