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​Greetings Fellow Hobbyists!

​Greetings Fellow Hobbyists!

Greetings Fellow Hobbyists!

We are Adrah Labs, a 3D printing business with a focus on 10mm fantasy miniatures. We have over 20 years in the hobby, with a passion for painting minis, and playing amazing games like Warmaster, Warhammer 40,000, D&D, Warmachine, and more! We have set up shop to provide a portal for Australian (and nearby) hobbyists to have access to some beautiful sculpts from a selection of digital creators, including hexagonal map tiles from Hexton Hills, and 10mm miniatures from the likes of Forest Dragon, Cromarty Forge, Red Nebular, Onmioji and more! We can also print on demand (and modify) your own .STL files, just let us know what you would like.

We look forward to supporting the local miniature wargaming community with digital content, event organising and sponsorship. Here's to a bright and shiny future together in this wonderful hobby of ours!


Adam & Sarah